Gaetano, a saved Barbary macaque

Gaetano is a Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus). When he was seized by the Forestry Corps he was kept in a cage inside a garage used by Camorra members. With him there were other exotic animals that their jailers used to flaunt power and prestige.

Gaetano now lives in harmony with other macaques and has become the dominant male of this heterogeneous company : there are two Japanese macaques, a female of Berber macaque and two Java macaques. The Barbary macaques are threaten by extinction because in the only area where they still survive, Morocco and Algeria, there are only 7000 individuals left.

These animals are threatened on several fronts : the loss of their forests to create space for agriculture, the pasture of numerous and intrusive flocks, the conflicts with local populations, the illegal trade for the pet market in Europe, the use of the little ones for the pleasure of tourists, the pollution and environmental degradation. Some campaigns are under way to prevent their extinction.