As an animal sanctuary, the Parco dell’Abatino offers hospitality to abused or seized animals belonging to the autochthon and exotic fauna.

In addition to the recovery of wild animals of the autochthon fauna, the Park also ensures a permanent hospitality to the exotic animals victims not only of the legal and illegal trade of living beings, but also of circuses, of zoos and of others forms of exploitation. The Park is also a permanent shelter for individuals saved from vivisection laboratories, for animals injured by hunters or by other human activities and who can’t be reintroduced in nature anymore and for animals usually considered as meat for slaughterhouses. It is currently the house of 450 animals.

All these animals carry with them painful stories caused by the cruelty of some human beings and it is our duty to give them a chance to find, if not lost freedom, at least the right to live in this world with the ultimate goal of returning to this assaulted but still strong and indispensable nature.

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