Siri, our white-handed Gibbon female

Siri is an old white-handed gibbon female (Hylobates lar).

She’s about 25 years old, average life expectancy in nature. She was taken away from her rain forest when she was small and lived in the wake of a woman who carried her with her everywhere using a box. With Siri there was also his companion who then died. When the owner, for obvious and foreseeable reasons, could no longer keep her, Siri arrived at the Park and here she became friend with some macaques.

She spends her day hanging along the fence, on the trees and on the wooden beams of her enclosure. And then she sings, with a vocal extension worthy of an opera singer. Her song should be followed by her male companion’s, a song different from the one of the female.
IMG_6670             IMG_6671

White-handed gibbons can also form monogamous couples and stay together for a lifetime, dueting and experiencing the very high vaults of the forests that still resist in China, Burma, Malaysia and Sumatra.

Getting photos of Siri is almost impossible because it is not safe to enter her enclosure, and when someone approaches the fence she tries to lashes at you. It’s better to just watch her from afar and listen to her incredible song.